Data & Analytics

As technology constantly pushes boundaries our teams are trained experts in developing state of the art applications using standardized code for Salesforce, Mobile and UX Design. 


Data is key to success

At Toboot we implement Salesforce solutions across clouds, industries and company sizes. While every client and solution has unique requirements the data architecture is standardized on governance at every level of engagement within your organization. 

Whether you are looking to safeguard your data in a new project or clean and deduplicate historic data we recommended a crawl, walk, run approach to ensure you achieve value quick while also enabling your internal teams to catch up with the new data governance strategies. 

Reliable Reporting

With data from multiple sources scheduled based on real-time updates in Salesforce your organization will have access to reliable data for reporting and decision making. 

Actionable Insight

When you can have insight to the state of your business and the performance you can predict where and how to drive the improvements. Quality data you can rely on is valuable to every situation a compony faces. 

True Customer 360

integrated clean data set up for scale coupled with Salesforce Einstein Artificial Intelligence will give you a true view of your customer no matter where the engagement occurs in sales, service or marketing. 

Got data issues?