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New Report: Amid Tightening Budgets, 87% of Marketers Say Their Work Provides Greater Value Now

Feeling swamped? If you’re a marketer, there’s a good reason why. As Salesforce’s Chief Marketing Officer Sarah Franklin sees it, “We’re in a time of tremendous transformation that requires us to reimagine how we connect with customers.”

To assess how marketers are navigating this new landscape, Salesforce today released the eighth edition of the State of Marketing report. Drawing from a survey of 6,000 marketers across 35 countries, and an analysis of trillions of outbound marketing messages sent using the Salesforce platform, the report explores how marketers are:

  • Doing more with less in the face of macroeconomic uncertainty.

  • Working to meet customers’ evolving digital-first expectations.

  • Adapting to new privacy regulations while still delivering exceptional personalized experiences.

Read the whole article here

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