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“We started rethinking the way we were managing our sales process. Salesforce enabled us to have visibility into the aggregated efficiency of our team to ultimately increasing our top line revenue”


A 6-step implementation process designed to set up your Org in Salesforce. We are happy to discuss specific items you wish to add or include if missing from the specifications in this package

The ToBoot Professional Edition implementation methodology provides a full solution that helps companies implement and adopt Salesforce fully, based on a set scope that covers every angle of the solution without having to spending endless hours scoping out the work

  • Up and running in a few short weeks – a fast track deployment 

  • Guidance and expertise on how to best leverage Salesforce CRM to support your business processes, and avoid costly mistakes 

  • End-user centric training, with hands-on examples that drive adoption 

  • Implementation of best practices around usability and data quality 

  • Reporting and analytics that provide visibility to your key business metrics 

  • Designed for Professional Edition deployments


Approx. 3-4 weeks delivery time

$ Contact for Pricing

Professional Edition Growth Quick Start package includes all the rich Salesforce features for Salesforce automation that users will need to get started — including Website integration, in-depth prospect tracking, lead and opportunity management, Sales Forecasting and custom reports and dashboards. (See detailed scope on the page below)


Approx. 5-6 weeks delivery time

$ Contact for Pricing

Professional Edition Plus Fast Start package offers all the rich features of the Growth edition, Advanced customization of your Sales Console, Mass Emails, Email Templates, Roles and Permissions, Record Types, Case management, Google Apps Integration among others. Users enjoy advanced access to sales and performance data which gives your organization an edge when it comes to competitiveness and Productivity.


$ Contact for Pricing

Optional based on fixed number of hours of support valid for 12 months

Sell more effectively than ever before when you add post go live support for Salesforce. Remove the barriers of supporting your Salesforce  post go-live  by outsourcing the day to adjustment and improvements to our dedicated managed services team. We will work closely with your administrator and manage all features implemented while we help identify areas for improvement, increasing the value of your investment in Salesforce, so your teams can focus on crushing their targets.


For Enterprise Edition or Custom Implementation with Integrations?

Contact us for a custom implementation plan and proposal

Other License Editions

Enterprise Edition includes powerful features such as Workflow, Approvals, Platform, A partial Sandbox, Advanced Reports, Enterprise Territory Management, Opportunity Splits, Custom Opportunity Field in Forecasting, Calendar All, Sales Teams, Multiple custom Apps, 5 campaigns per Opportunity


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