Customer Success

We will manage and support everything related to your Salesforce solution so your internal teams can focus on their day to day tasks without compromising the efficiency of your operations.  





Sales Cloud Configuration

Service Cloud Configuration Platform Configuration

AppExchange Configuration

Reports & Dashboards

Existing Integration Modification

Salesforce Application Upgrade / Install / Uninstall

Troubleshoot & Bug fixes

All Features from Standard Support

+ Marketing Cloud Configuration

+ App Audit with Documentation

+ User Onboarding

+ Setup of Roles, Hierarchies & Secuerity

+ Health Check & Usage Report

All Features from Premium 

+ Proactive App Monitoring

+ Quarterly Business Review

+ Dedicated Support Agent

+ Managed Services


Support Channels


By Email

By Phone

In Person


Levels of Support

Choosing the right level of support can vary between organizations. There are 3 main considerations to make: 

  • Cost of Staff

  • Time to Value 

  • Support Accuracy

Small organizations often choose to outsource supporting their Salesforce solution because of cost of staff. Larger Organizations often focus on the accuracy of the support received as they have considerable investments depending on their Salesforce solution being fully up to speed. 

Regardless of the value drivers the cost of support will often not go away and may have implications beyond the obvious. At ToBoot we offer our Salesforce experience under set SLA's for our clients to know they have the level of support they require based on their specific objective. 


Reliable and Consistent

No matter which channel you prefer our experienced support consultants are available to help you query and troubleshoot your Salesforce support cases based on set SLA's. They are all certified and experienced with the processes of getting cases resolved with Salesforce. Our goal is to resolve your cases at first attempt. 

Time to Value

With support the real cost is often hidden behind the process in which the solution is creating value. With Salesforce its more often related to sales and customer experience. By outsourcing your support requirement to us, you will save the time it takes to learn about individual processes  on how to have your cases resolved effectively. 

Cost of Staff

Your team's focus is often your company's competitive advantage. By delegating Salesforce support cases to your internal teams you are effectively dividing their attention between low value and high value tasks.

You can with confidence delegate this task to ToBoot and allow your teams be 100% committed to drive value in their respective roles. 


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